Work info:


Asmodee Digital


Unity 3D, GIT


Adrien Tievant, Piotr Wiącek Paweł Górski

My role:

Unity Developer - gameplay, UI, SDKs, Steam, bugfixing.


Onirim is a solitaire card game. You must work against the game to gather the eight oneiric doors before the deck runs out. You can obtain door cards either by playing cards of the same color three turns in a row or by discarding one of your powerful key cards when a door appears from the deck. In both cases, you will have to decide the best use of each card in your hand and carefully play around the Nightmares. Those cards are hidden in the deck and will trigger painful dilemmas when drawn. Published by Asmodee Digital.

Includes expansions:

Crossroads and Dead Ends

The Door to the Oniverse



Official Website

Onirim on Google Play

Onirim on iTunes