Jagged Alliance 2 Vengeance Reloaded

Work info:


Jagged Alliance Community


Microsoft Visual Studio C++, SVN, GIMP, Audacity, Various Modding Tools


Vengeance Reloaded Team

My roles:

Programming, portrait artist, concepts.


Vengeance Reloaded is based on original Vengeance mod released in 2005.


Plot of modification is a direct continuation of original game. Several years passed since Queen Deidranna's alleged demise. Under rules of Chivaldori and Cordona, and with constant support of AIM, Arulco seems to finally get out of the woods - that is until former loyalists claim to find Deidranna alive and well, try to get her back on throne using good old fashioned terror and slaughter, tearing country apart in civil war in the process. It is up to Player to thwart their plans, navigate his way through web of conflicting interests and put the end to suffering of Arulcans for good - with a vengeance.


Vengeance Reloaded inherits all features from the latest stable 1.13 release, with several brand new options coded exclusively for it.


Vengeance Reloaded offers new plot, new game world, complex brand new quests, new equipment and loads of new, fully voiced and animated characters. However, we aim to preserve commercial level of quality and atmosphere of original game while introducing new content.


Released! More info here.