Fast & Curious: Heroes Rush

Zombies vs Vampires vs Unicorns vs Pandas vs Aliens vs Cowboys vs Ninjas vs Pirates! Run, collect, bet, capture, teleport, get killed, get resurrected, repeat! Party game experience in your phone. Play online against real players and rush to the finish line! Experience a variety of game modes and the spirit of true competition.

This game was a small, casual, fully in-house title developed by Playsoft in a single month of free time between bigger projects. Players could compete in a wide selection of arcade game modes - race, capture the flag, domination - and win coins to unlock new avatars.

I was the lead developer on the project and was reponsible for most of the game architecture and logic. Game was implemented in Unity with real-time multiplayer based on Photon Networking. Game saw only a limited release on App Store.