Vengeance: Reloaded

JA2 - Vengeance : Reloaded is a 1.13 mod based on the v7609 source code but using its own exe and custom features.

These features include:
New and improved maps, many using custom-built tilesets
Over 20 new characters to encounter, some to recruit, some to annihilate!
The reintroduction of many old favourites from Deadly Games and some surprise guest appearances of RPCs from other mods throughout the years
In built Player Character Mod (PCM) making a number of Arulco's populace recruitable and able to join your team
Improved AI, unjamming of guns and able to scale roofs with backpacks
Extended Battlesounds - Your friends and foes alike now grunt, groan and scream differently!
Audible Taunts - While in battle hear your enemies taunt and curse you or shout orders to each other
An Extensive item retexture. Over 540 new graphic updates including new weapons, attachments, armor and curiosity items, some that can be combined
Updated explosion animations and an updated suite of weapon sounds
Sandbags can be used on EVERY map
New vehicles and more!

Useful links:
The Bear's Pit subforum -
The Bear's Pit Discord -

You can also find the mod and its source code on GitHub.