Lumberjack vs. Ancient Druid's Cybertree

Evil demonic druid from outer space is about to use his cybernetic creation and its endless spawn in his latest planet domination scheme.

Being lumberjack, due to your superior skills such as:
- tree cutting,
- beard growing,
- axe swinging,
- taking selfies with your vintage camera,
- being the only guy nearby,
you're the most qualified person to stop him.
Chop down the weeds of corruption and root out the evil before humanity is cut down in its prime!
Or at least heroically die trying.

This game was created for Ludum Dare 34 in just 48 hours.

The gameplay mixes hack & slash gameplay with survival elements. Small arena you're stuck in gets constantly bombarded with bombs and seeds. Seeds then grow intro trees that eventually start launching even more bombs and seeds. Your task is to cut them down before getting completely overwhelmed. As the game progresses seed output increases, making survival more and more difficult.

I handled the entire development in Unity, with Artur Kurkowski taking care of the art. Gameplay-wise it's one of our better jam games, with the main gameplay loop being genuinely fun and addictive.

You can download and play "Lumberjack vs Ancient Druid's Cybertree" directly from Game Jolt. Post-jam version of the game also includes Game Jolt achievements..