Moth's Cradle

A medieval fantasy horror RPG game.

You're a member of a mercenary band sent to a remote village to extract tribute from impoverished peasants. Unfortunately, things go awry and you find yourself fighting for survival, all while being manipulated by malevolent forces beyond your understanding.

This game was created for Asylum Jam 2016 in just 48 hours.

The gameplay is typical of an action RPG hack & slash. Despite the time constraints, the game includes some ambitious features such as dynamic world generation, a quest system, a level-up and upgrade system, and even dialogue trees penned by yours truly (admittedly, they're kinda cringe now). It also boasts tough moral choices (not really).

I handled the entire development in Unity, with Artur Kurkowski taking care of the art. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the result. The art style isn't your typical grimdark horror, but it works, offering a striking contrast between fleshy monsters and the colorful fantasy backdrops.

You can download and play "Moth's Cradle" directly from Game Jolt.