Onirim is a solitaire card game. You must beat the game by collecting all eight dream doors before you run out of cards. You can get them by playing cards of the same colour for three consecutive turns or by discarding one of your precious Key cards when you draw a Door card. In both cases, you will need to make the best use of the cards you have in your hand while paying attention to the Nightmare cards. These cards are mixed in with the others, and if you draw one, you will be faced with a painful choice.

Onirim was another game developed as a part of cooperation between Playsoft and Asmodee. It was a smaller scope project. I picked it up right after Mysterium.

One of the main challenges was turning the original solitaire game into a proper video game without sacrifing the Onirim's vision (as the game's designer was watching the project closely). To that end Onirim has two play modes - classic and arcade, leaderboards and almost 60 achievements that I designed myself, to offer players additional challenge and incentive to play.

As ususal, game was developed in Unity.

Despite almost no marketing game was rather warmly received by fans. We followed the initial base game release with additional expansion sets introducing additional cards and mechanics.

You can find "Onirim" and its expansions on Steam, Android, and iOS.