Puzzle Soccer

Embark on a soccer adventure and score with Puzzle Soccer, a FREE TO PLAY exciting and addictive match-3 puzzle game! Sport has never been this fun! Build a team of football superstars, power-up your squad and kick your way through more than 80 levels of incredible Puzzle Soccer action.

I joined the team still as a junior while game was already in development. It was another project that Playsoft was contracted to develop for Square Enix and one of the bigger projects the company worked on at the time. Despite still being in early stages of development project was already behind schedule.

Team was working under a very close supervision from Square Enix. As a result I had to quickly get my skills up to speed due to high levels of team - and employees in general - rotation. I eventually found myself handling all technical aspects of the game, from gameplay and SDKs, to UI and bugs, while dealing with Square Enix's producer.

Game was developed in Unity for Android and iOS platforms.

Puzzle Soccer never left the soft launch as the world was sadly not ready yet for its bold vision. Gameplay can we watched here or here.