Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

"Stormbound: Kingdom Wars" is a tactical collectible card game (CCG) that brings your cards to life. Players collect cards, build decks, and watch their strategies unfold in exciting battles.

Originally developed by Paladin Studios, Stormbound is a cross-platform CCG with a dedicated community. After a hiatus, Sheepyard, a game development company from Gdańsk, Poland, was contracted in 2021 to revive the game, starting with community engagement and moving onto game maintenance and development.

I joined Sheepyard and the Stormbound project in 2021 and quickly assumed the role of Lead Developer. We focused on implementing new features and regularly releasing fresh content, revitalizing the community and sparking active engagement.

On the technical side, the game client was built in Unity, with the backend constructed using Node.js, with completely custom systems for multiplayer, profile management and configuration. The architecture was robust yet simple, with a service-based structure that neatly separated view and logic, without any strict framework solution.

In 2022, I transitioned to a role as a Producer/Developer at Stormbound Games Studios, a new company that was just founded, dedicated to Stormbound's ongoing development. In my new role I took on a wide array of responsibilities, which spanned across both managerial and technical aspects. One of the key responsibilities I held was working closely with the Product Owner in deciding the release schedule and its content, ensuring alignment with our overall product strategy.

To maintain a smooth development process, I leveraged ClickUp, where I was responsible for creating user stories, administrating the platform, and keeping track of our progress. I also conducted weekly retrospectives, sprint planning sessions, and task grooming sessions. This not only involved general planning but also entailed detailed task breakdowns for specific features, ensuring a thorough understanding of the scope of work for the team.

I oversaw the build process from end-to-end, including delivery and distrubtion, from starting the build on Jenkins to pressing the magic buttons for live releases on all platforms. However, it wasn't just about management; I was also actively involved in the coding process. As the Lead Developer, I conducted code reviews, handled merge requests, and onboarded junior developers. This allowed me to maintain a firm grasp of the technical intricacies of the project, ensuring alignment between the managerial and technical aspects of our workflow.

Stormbound is a highly addictive and deeply strategic game that I am proud to have worked on. The artistry of the cards, the depth of tactical gameplay, and the vibrant, feedback-driven community have made this project a highlight of my career.

You can download and play "Stormbound: Kingdom Wars" directly from Steam, Android, iOS, or Kongregate. Feel free to experience the game's deep tactical mechanics and striking card visuals firsthand.

But the heart of Stormbound goes beyond the game itself. It's about the passionate community we've built. I urge you to visit our bustling Discord channel where players constantly share their strategies, engage in fascinating discussions, and dabble in ancient arts of shiposting. It's a testament to the engaging and active community we've fostered over the years.

And if you really want to deep dive into the world of Stormbound, our dedicated fans have even created a podcast. There, they break down the game's intricate strategies, discuss new updates, and delve into the nuances of deck building. It's a must-listen for any Stormbound enthusiast, or just a good fan podcast.