Super Brawl Universe

Join iconic characters from Nickelodeon's all-time, most popular shows to battle it out in the ultimate action showdown! All your favorite Nicktoons have answered the brawl call: SpongeBob, Avatar Aang, the Rugrats, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and lots more!

In 2019 Playsoft in cooperation with Nickelodeon began development of a classic fighting game in vein of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, with characters owned by Nick. Game was to be released for the mobile market.

I joined the team as a lead developer after game was already partially implemented. My initial time on the project was spent on major refactoring and improving quality of the code from prototype level, before proceeding with actual gameplay and features.

On the technical side, the game client was built in Unity. Client was using Entitas framework for all game systems. For the backend, we were using in-house solution, based on C#.

I wouldn't really recommend Entitas or similar frameworks for game development. Personally I found the entities and system cascade approach to be an unecessary reinventing of the wheel and generally causing more issues than using standard Unity tools and components. Main reasoning behind putting it in the project in the first place was the alleged ease of reusing specific parts of the game in other projects, but due to Playsoft's business model and developed projects at the time, it never materialised as a viable option.

You can download and play "Super Brawl Universe" for Android directly from Google Play Store.