Tribes of the Turtleland

Tribes of the Turtleland is an arcade/strategy game, in which two hostile tribes are fighting for personal space on top of a giant turtle flying through space. Take over water reservoirs and places of cult, build your mighty army and push off your enemies into the void!

Each player can place their units on the back of the turtle, but only nearby other friendly units. Placing it close to enemy unit pushes it away. Units close to the edge of the shell can be even pushed off. There are also special areas on the map, that when controlled by your units can decrease placement cooldown or increase push strength. You objective is to reach population of 100, and as the shell size is limited, you're soon going to find yourself pushing enemy tribesmen and fighting for territory. There are many winning strategies - going for ponds and spamming units, taking control of the map center and pushing enemies off the shell, etc.

This game was created for Ludum Dare 38 in just 72 hours. The theme was "small world".

You can play "Tribes of the Turtleland" directly in your browser on Game Jolt.