Treasures of Vineta

Treasures of Vineta is a throwback to classic 2D point&click adventure games, based on original engine written in JavaScript and using new elements introduced in HTML5.

Developed at Gdańsk University of Technology.

History professor and his three students stumble upon old map depicting position of legendary lost city of Vineta. Scrupleless antics collector and his goons try to take it away in order to excavate treasures allegedly buried with the city by themselves. Our heroes need to prevent their plans.

Game basic gameplay follows the rules of classic point&click adventure games, with main change being ability to select one of four characters. Each character can move around, interact with world, collect and use items. Characters have different abilities, following archetypes of professor, technician, acrobat and athlete, with several interactions limited to specific person, and level starts with heroes in different places and situation. Finishing the game requires cooperation between all characters.

Part of project was also designer friendly level editor parsing information to JavaScript files interpreted by game engine and sprite sheet editor.